Why more start-ups are choosing Florida for incorporation

Why more start-ups are choosing Florida for incorporation

Looking at the above key factors, the following is a conclusion as to why start-ups prefer Florida for incorporation:

Over the last decade, especially, Florida stands out as one of the preferred states for incorporation of new companies. This is why the sunny state of this country is becoming a destination of choice when it comes to entrepreneurs from all over the world.

1. Favorable Business Environment

One could note that doing business in Florida is rather easy due to the favourable conditions that are postured here. Especially if that state has no income tax and many incentives for businesses to set up shop there.

2. Strategic Location

Florida is strategically located on the geographical point where the two continents, the North and Latin American continents, are joined, thus making the state an ideal location for companies that want to export their products to other countries.

3. Thriving Tech Hub

Today, some cities like Miami and Orlando can be listed among the rapidly developing technology centers, which support start-ups as well as attract talented specialists who can help start-ups to evolve.

4. Supportive Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

A particular emphasis should be placed on the diverse setting of incubators, accelerators, and shared work spaces in Florida as the support offered to startups cannot be overestimated.

5. Lifestyle and Culture

In addition to economic advantages, the corporate hierarchy and staff in Florida get to enjoy the great Florida weather, the friendly environment occasioned by the sun kissed sandy beaches and rich cultural diversity.

6. Accessibility of Funding

The state has steadily developed its venture capital base and has equal access to angel financiers, and now start-ups are receiving the required funding to reach out to customers.


7. Strong Legal Protections

This makes Florida suitable for the operation of businesses since the legal frameworks protecting businesses has provided a secure legal environment for the business ventures.

8. Focus on E-commerce

Moreover, due to cut-throat competition from various online selling platforms, Florida is a perfect location for more start-ups intending to sell on Shopify and grab the Big Byte of the booming online sales market.

9. Affordable Living Costs

This basically means than establishing a startup in Florida is cheaper than in other already established technological zones such as Silicon Valley due to lower costs on living expenses whereby more money is directed to the development of the business rather than having to use a large share of the income to cater for costs such as house rents among other expenses.

10. Proximity to Universities

Florida is very strategic for new entrants to locate because the state is in close proximity to plenty of research centers including the University of Florida and Florida State University, and other renowned technological research facilities which they can attract to work for them.

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