Understanding ITIN, EIN, and SSN: Main Differentiation and Issues Expected

Understanding ITIN, EIN, and SSN Main Differentiations and Issues Expected

It is therefore important for anyone who is involve in the process of starting a business in the United States or dealing with tax matters in the United States to be savvy with the difference between an ITIN, EIN, and an SSN.

What is ITIN?

ITIN refers to the mobile Individual Taxpayer Identification that is provide by the IRS for its usage in taxes only.

Why is ITIN important?

With regard to the role of ITIN in fulfilling the obligation in implementing the laws that have to do with taxes, ITIN can serve as the aforementione means for a person who cannot be issue an SSN.

Who needs an ITIN?

Some of the categories of persons that are under the US law and cannot be issue with the SSN are the non-resident aliens, dependents or any persons or organizations who file tax returns but do not possess the SSN.

What is EIN?

It serves a similar purpose than the social security number; however, it is allocated to the business by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Why is EIN necessary?

It is used for federal tax, for employment, and for business banking among other things that are related to it.

Who needs an EIN?

Any business entity having their place of business in the U. S. is a valid subject for the study irrespective of their legal structure: they can be sole traders, partners, etc.

What is SSN?

The identification number that is mostly known as SSN or Social Security Number is issued by the respective SSA for individual use.

Why is SSN crucial?

That is their identity for job-related things, tax-related things, benefit-related items, and the likes.

Who needs an SSN?

SSN is the only identification number that Americans require, they, residents, and certain immigrants of the United States.

Key Differences

ITIN is an identification number that prevents a person from having one or more types of tax identification numbers. EIN is for businesses. The SSN serves as identification of individuals as well as in employment.

What You Should Know

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Thus, it is quite important to get acquaint with the relations between the ITIN, EIN and SSN in order not to violate something and make the tax and business activities in the USA more effective.

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