Reseller Certificate

Jorofy’s service offers a convenient way for entrepreneurs and small business owners. To obtain the necessary legal registrations and documents to establish formally and operate their ventures. Some of their key offerings include:


LLC Formation


Forming a limited liability company (LLC) registers your business and helps separate your personal assets from the company’s liabilities. Jorofy’s experienced team handles all the paperwork and filings with your state. To set up your LLC quickly and smoothly.


Reseller Certificates A reseller certificate, also called a resale certificate or sales tax permit. Allows businesses to purchase inventory or raw materials tax-free when they plan to resell them. Jorofy’s service can obtain reseller certificates to help reduce costs.


Employer Identification Numbers (EINs) EINs function like social security numbers for businesses. Getting an EIN from the IRS is required to open business bank accounts. Apply for licenses and permits, file taxes and hire employees. Jorofy’s makes the EIN application process fast and simple.


Registered Agent Services All businesses must designate a registered agent on file with their state . An official point of contact who receives important legal and tax documents. Jorofy’s can take on this role or provide registered agent replacement services.


In addition to handling all your necessary business registrations. Jorofy’s also aims to provide excellent customer service and helpful resources to guide you through the process. Their team has years of experience working with new and growing businesses across industries.


Whether you’re starting your first business or qualifying an existing company for tax exemptions. Rely on the knowledgeable professionals at Jorofy’s service. For efficient, affordable help forming your LLC, getting reseller certificates, EINs and more. Contact them today to get your venture off the ground.

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