Change Registered Agent

Jorofy provides a convenient “Change Registered Agent” service for business
owners who need to update their registered agent information with their state. This article will provide an overview of their service, the reasons you may need to transpose your register agent, the process involved, and the benefits of using Jorofy’s streamline solution.


What is a Register Agent? A register agent is a person or business entity that is authorize to receive important legal and tax documents on behalf of your business. They provide a physical address where important mail can be receive. All states require LLCs and corporations to have a registered agent.


Why Change Your Registered Agent? There are a few key reasons you may need to change your registered agent:


Your current register agent resigns or retires

You want to switch to a more reliable or responsive registered agent

You move offices and need an address change for your agent

Your business was sold and the new owner needs to assign a new register agent

Jorofy’s Simple “Change your Registered Agent” Service Jorofy makes it easy to change your register agent information. Their intuitive online platform guides you through the process step-by-step.


With Jorofy you can:


Quickly designate a new registered agent

Update the registered office address

Automatically file the paperwork with your state

Get confirmation when the change is officially processed

There are no hidden fees or surprises. Jorofy provides upfront pricing and makes the process hassle-free.


Benefits of Using Jorofy Here are some of the top benefits of using Jorofy’s “Change Registered Agent” service:


Avoid Missing Important Mail: By updating your register agent, you ensure legal documents and tax notices reach your company in a timely manner.


Maintain Compliance: Having accurate registered agent information on file is require to stay compliant in your state. Jorofy helps avoid non-compliance issues.


Save Time: Changing registered agents normally involves paperwork hassles. Jorofy makes it fast and easy online.


Reliable Customer Support: Jorofy’s customer service team is available to help if any issues come up in the change process.


Affordable Pricing: Jorofy offers competitive, transparent pricing with no surprises or hidden fees.


Switching your registered agent with Jorofy takes just minutes. Simply visit their website and enter your business details to get start.

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